mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

Episode 13: Justice (7) - The End

In Justice (7)... everything ends!

Overwhelmed by the Karnifex curse, Enea is sealed in the uniform: will he be doomed to be forever caged within the mask of the blond brutish bodybuilder?
But then again, why is that beautiful black ladycop explaining that Suzy-Lynn committed two atrocious murders? And why is she explaining that to a young man looking exactly like Enea?

As the 1960 Karnifex suit makes its appearance, another Karnifex manifests, bringing the story to a disastrous (altothoug announced) ending: it's the deadliest, ruthless German Karnifex!

Art by Joel Sousa.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.
English edits by Joe Teanby.


Karnifex is the supernatural masked killer whose appearance is constantly changing, as his curse moves from one man to another.
Whoever receives the Karnifex uniform cannot avoid donning it: the gasmask, the gloves, the catsuit, the boots.
The host is transformed, as their most secret and inhuman urges are brought to the surface, turning the man into the remorseless killer!
From that moment on, the gasmask and the uniform become the only real identity of the host, who begins a second life made of blood, sex and theft.
But the Karnifex Suit is a curse, and as such, will ultimately spell doom for the host and anyone whose life has been touched by Karnifex's deadly touch.

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