sabato 29 marzo 2014

Episode 10 - The Unseen

The mystery of the masked man in the business suit is about to be revealed, as he crosses his path with Wetsuit Karnifex--by chance!
In The Unseen, it's Fabian versus Adam, as one masked man forces the other one into submission, threatening to unmask him unless his secret story is revealed!
Why is The Unseen so keen on manipulating the different incarnations of Karnifex? What is the connection between Karnifex, the Unseen and a 1960s masked killer who was brutally murdered by the Police?

This episode is available in PDF and RAR format.

Cover by James Ed Marsh.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.
English edits by Zac DeBoard.

For the whole series, go to the Karnifex Episodes Index.

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

Cover for "The Arsonist" / Copertina per "L'incendiario"

English version of the cover for "The Arsonist". The whole episode, cover included, is available in PDF and RAR format.


Versione Italiana della copertina de "L'incendiario". L'intero episodio è disponibile anche in formato PDF e RAR.


domenica 9 marzo 2014

Episode 03 - Seduction of the Innocent

What happens when a teen gets stuck inside the Karnifex suit, unable to change back to his civilian self?
What if the boy in question has just been rejected by his quasi-girlfriend, and a Police manhunt is hitting the city?
Manuel knows the answer, as he begins his odissey with the identity of the masked killer, fighting against the urges of his alter ego, in Episode 03. Seduction of the Innocent.

Story & lettering by Franco Villa.
English edits by Kingwrench.