sabato 12 settembre 2015

Episode 8 - Voodoo (Act 1)

Giovanni is back into the Karnifex suit, after being inactive for months.
He is using his secret identity to investigate on the mysterious deaths of the board members of his own financial company.
As Karnifex, he loses control while interrogating another shareholder, Carmen. He ends up abusing her, but not without being unmasked by the woman.
Thrilled by the pleasure of being back to be an unseizable masked rapist, Karnifex is set on never going back to the civilian identity of Giovanni.
From now on, the gasmask and the catsuit will stay on... forever.

The mystery of Voodoo" continues now!

Lineart by Vincenzo Antronico.
Inks by Lucas Ferreira Santos.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.
English edits by Simon Reeves.


Karnifex is the supernatural masked killer whose appearance is constantly changing, as his curse moves from one man to another.
Whoever receives the Karnifex uniform cannot avoid donning it: the gasmask, the gloves, the catsuit, the boots.
The host is transformed, as their most secret and inhuman urges are brought to the surface, turning the man into the remorseless killer!
From that moment on, the gasmask and the uniform become the only real identity of the host, who begins a second life made of blood, sex and theft.
But the Karnifex Suit is a curse, and as such, will ultimately spell doom for the host and anyone whose life has been touched by Karnifex's deadly touch.

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mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

Wild West Karnifex

Karnifex is the supernatural masked killer whose appearance is constantly changing, as his curse moves from one man to another.

Wild West Karnifex (also known as KowBoy Karnifex) took possession of the young son of a Federal Marshal (or a Ranger?) and a Native American woman, turning the friendly kid into a deadly gunner.
Raping the same women that his father and his uncle swore to protect from the abuse of the white men, Wild West Karnifex is just waiting for the chance to challenge his own father in a quickest-draw contest.
For the moment, though, the kid is just happy to wait for the night, sneak out of the firecamp, don the leather mask of Karnifex and have his actual clothes transformed into the Karnifex suit. That's when the slaughter begins.
Yes, the everyday clothes of the kid are actually a disguised version of the Karnifex suit: in the Wild West, there was just no way to carry around a backpack for the full Karnifex suit without rising suspicions.
How the kid manages to remain so sunny and charming, even if he spends the whole day wrapped in the Karnifex curse, is truly a mystery of its own.

By Franco and Luca.

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