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Episode 8 - Voodoo (prologue)

Can you really quit being Karnifex? Or does the suit own your mind even if you abandon it somewhere?

In Voodoo (prologue), Giovanni has buried the Karnifex suit in a closet of his own house and went back to a fully civilian life.
But the Karnifex identity is like an infection (or an addiction) that keeps worming its way inside Giovanni's head: his memories constantly go back to the thrill of when he was Karnifex, and his minds makes up excuses after excuses to push him back to wearing the suit.
Unaware of how absurd those excuses are, Giovanni begins a new descent into the corruption of Karnifex, without even realizing what's happening to him.
After he gives up and embraces the temptation, will he be able to take the suit off once again? Or will the Giovanni identity be lost forever?

Tattoo Karnifex 2.0
For the first time, this episode goes online in PDF format only, featuring a 5-pages story that acts as a prologue to Giovanni's final adventure.

Art by Takeshi Kouga.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.
English edits by Zac DeBoard.

For the whole series, go to the Karnifex Episodes Index.

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