lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Episode 19 - The Patent War (cover)

In Episode 19 - The Patent War, a hi-tech version of Karnifex is involved in an industrual espionage affair. But how can Karnifex' suit fare against the latest technological development in security?
And what about the ultimate trap--a vacuum cubicle without any locks to unlock from within?
Once trapped inside that, with air being slowly sucked away, not even Karnifex can survive asphyxiation!
Plus: murder is not an option, for the masked killer that hides himself in the board council of the same company he is stealing money and technology from!

The whole episode is available in RAR and PDF format (for free download).

The RAR and PDF versions feature: bonus Karnifex art by Terat0gen and revised dialogue!

Art by Terat0gen.
Coordination by Franco Villa.

For more disturbing, Karnifex-akin character, such as Gen0cyde, see Terat0gen's page.

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