venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

Special Episode - A Kristmas Karol

In A Kristmas Karol, three different Karnifex version enter the fray! Or is it two Karnifex versions and a new masked vigilante?
Busy facing this mystery are the greedy and whealthy Uncle Quintiliano, his nephew Paolo, the seasoned Elda and the charming Rossella, plus a truly unlucky beggar. And there's the ghost of a step-brother, Giacomo!
Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, from its very title, this episode is set in present time, which means that money and organized go hand in hand. As the clash between mafia families rages, so do grudge matches, vengeance and murder.

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Episode list

A different man inside a different suit is featured in the following episodes (in English!). But it's still Karnifex! Find the clues (or read the commentary beneath each page) and try to figure this mystery out!

2. Intrigue at the King's Court
6. The Arsonist
7. A Ghost Story
16. Got Milf?
19. The Patent War
21. Mobbing
Special 2013. A Kristmas Karol

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